The CDIP Initiative

Medical institutions can promote internal control by giving enough attention to their clinical documentation. They can either implement their home grown system for development or they can ensure that everything is done according to the latest standards by outsourcing their improvement needs to professionals when it comes to a CDIP or clinical documentation improvement program. The tasks will most likely find the need for a medical record audit from a reputable and reliable health care company with proven track records in providing improvement services to high standard medical institutions. The basic principle of learning from past experiences remains true in the medical field. In order to develop an effective program for improvements, it must be based on past requirements and drawbacks of traditional clinical documentation.


One of the main purposes in conducting a medical record audit is to identify areas that require improvements and corrections. This will enable auditors to identify the most appropriate system for better clinical documentation. The right type of clinical documentation improvement program is one that will help enhance the financial stability of a medical institution and at the same time promote high standard medical or health care services. A clinical documentation improvement procedure generally starts from the moment a patient is admitted. Documentation personnel which usually include a Clinical Documentation Specialist (CDS) or Health Information Management (HIM) officer will coordinate with attending physicians or interact directly with patients in order to get necessary information. Data gathering and the creation of the initial medical record must be done as quickly as possible especially if the patient is conscious or capable to provide the right medical information. This is necessary to develop a medical plan and solution as quickly as possible.

Further clarifications have to be done if there are medical details that are not clear or in conflict with each other. Guided by tools and applications suggested by the tasks involved in a clinical documentation improvement program, medical records will be checked if there are unclear, contradictory, or ambiguous information. Appropriate action has to be done by either the physician or documentation personnel in the form of a verbal or written query to obtain the necessary information. If necessary, a patient is made aware on the right information to place while physicians check if they are actually on the right page or entry.

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Outsourcing CDIP for Documentation Improvement

Medical institutions face the challenges of providing quality health care solutions while maintaining their financial stability. Important areas such as clinical documentation can have a great impact to their goals since it is considered as the basis for other practices and procedures. In order to keep up with the changing demands in the medical field, it is important to implement a clinical documentation improvement program.

CDIPThere are a lot of benefits that can be gained from CDIP clinical documentation improvement program. The fullness of these benefits can be enjoyed if the programs are based from an effective medical record audit that is outsourced to a reliable healthcare company. This is the best way for you to have a long lasting program which will not only improve clinical documentation but also promote a highly organized and systematic workflow which can lead to high quality medical services. It is necessary to have the full cooperation of the members of a medical institution. As for the providers of the improvement programs, they must have qualified physicians, nurses, and coding professionals that are not only well versed on medical standards and practices but also on the field of documentation. Also, they should be up to date the latest trends in the medical field such as the latest software, tools and applications used in clinical documentation.

By outsourcing a documentation improvement program, physicians of a certain hospital will not have a hard time adjusting to the changes and thereby maintaining normal operations. This is because the most appropriate program is employed while taking into consideration the current practices being used. The programs are all customized according to the needs of the facilities and the capabilities of the members. By having an effective clinical documentation improvement program, a hospital can enjoy improved documentation efficiency, improved accuracy on DRG and ICD-9 records ad codes, and reduction of unbilled accounts receivable. Also, you can also expect reduced physician interactions, accurate reimbursements, effective use of resources, and reduced risks or liabilities. Compliance plays a big role in the stability and credibility of a medical institution so it will be the main focus of the conducted audits.

You can now find reliable providers of medical record audits and clinical documentation improvement programs. Just make sure that you’re choosing the one with good track records of supporting the improvement needs of high standard hospitals. Outsourcing to a reliable health care company ensures that every step in the improvement programs and processes are carried out efficiently.

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The Influence of Technology in Clinical Documentation

The traditional methods for documentation which are seen as tedious or laborious tasks are now enhanced by implementing ready templates and programs which allow physicians make the most out of clinical documentation. In addition, quality health care records are maintained which means that you can expect accurate, reliable and professional medical reports. But generally, record keeping in medical settings can be done more conveniently by implementing a clinical documentation improvement program or CDIP.

clinical-documentationWith the amount of files coming in each day, clinical record supervision can be very demanding and this usually leads to problems and risks. Medical information is even difficult to handle with no effective method that will allow doctors create reliable medical records which describe a certain medical case in the best way possible. With the implementation of improvement programs, interaction is improved and so every member of any medical organization can commit to achieving trustworthy clinical documentation. Now documentation is really as easy as clicking buttons and completing blank fields.

Medical providers can seek for numerous software and application from distinct providers. It is also possible to choose from lots of options which can allow you to possess the right fix that fits your existing practices. The key goal today is to implement the right CDIP which will enhance documentation without affecting normal functions. This way, healthcare personnel can adapt easily towards the improvements that should be implemented. Additionally, when it comes to specific details such as web templates, programs, along with applications, healthcare providers aim to find the one that is simple to handle in order to realize the full benefits of a clinical documentation improvement program or CDIP.

Quality assurance and safety considerations can be achieved through innovations and improvements. Technological advancement is always centered on improvements and the field of healthcare is one of the fields being influenced by products of technology. Daily operations are required to be organized and systematic because the health and satisfaction of the patients are involved. Improvement can begin from essential areas such as clinical documentation which is the foundation for every processes and strategies in a medical institution. This is one of the reasons why there exists a need for ongoing improvement from a clinical documentation improvement program or CDIP. To learn more, visit clinical documentation improvement forum.